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Arkansas leads the nation in Firewise Communities!

There were 115 active communities in 2012. Was your community one of them?

Contact us to discuss how your community can qualify as a recgonized Firewise community.

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The Arkansas Firewise program is a multi-agency wildfire preparedness effort sponsored by the Arkansas Forestry Commission - and part of the National Firewise Communities USA organization. Firewise works with fire departments and civic organizations to make communities safer from wildfire through mitigation projects and community education initiatives.

Join us in partnering with the national Firewise office to create 1,000 safer places in 2013. Use Firewise mitigation projects to help communities prepare for a dry, hot summer ahead and let us help where we can!

Contact us:

Kevin Kilcrease, Firewise Coordinator
(501) 296-1940

3821 West Roosevelt Road
Little Rock, AR 72204
Phone: (501) 296-1940
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The Arkansas Forestry Commission offers its programs to all eligible persons regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability, and is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Wildfire Education Programs

The Arkansas Firewise Team educates the state of Arkansas about the causes and prevention of wildfire. Any meeting, safety fair, civic function, luncheon, youth rally, volunteer event, church gathering or otherwise is an excellent opportunity to discuss how homeowners can very easily prepare homes and landscapes to resist wildfire. We can prepare presentations to address area-specific wildfire hazards and complete on-site wildfire risk assessment surveys. All visits are at no cost to communities. The Arkansas Forestry Commission makes wildfire prevention education a priority by offering the Firewise safety principles to any group interested. A community or group does not have to be affiliated with any fire department to receive a Firewise presentation and/or newsletter.

Wildfire Prevention Training and Seminars

Host a how-to training seminar at the next town hall meeting or property owner’s association meeting to better inform residents in your area about wildfire safety. The Firewise program is a hands-on initiative that enables residents across Arkansas to make their property more resistant to one of our state’s most naturally occurring events – wildfire.

Recgonition as an Arkansas Firewise Community

Through funding from the US Forest Service, the Arkansas Forestry Commission does provide grants through fire departments that complete community certification requirements to become an Arkansas Firewise community. Contact your local AFC office, or the Firewise Team for a presentation during a regularly scheduled fire training meeting. We can come to your area at your convenience to discuss certification requirements. A checklist of renewal requirements can be viewed here. Call 501-296-1940 with questions.


Mitigation Project Ideas Newsletter, 2012
Need some fresh ideas about community projects? See below!

Mitigation Project Newsletter 2012

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Arkansas Forestry Commission
Arkansas Forestry Commission

The Arkansas Forestry Commission sponsors Firewise efforts for Arkansas The main Firewise office is located at AFC headquarters in LIttle Rock.

For information about fire danger, burn bans, wildland fire, forest management or trees in the urban forest, visit the Arkansas Forestry Commission website.


Resources and Literature

Arkansas Homeowner's Guide

Arkansas Homeowner's Guide 2010

Our homeowner's guide has wildfire statistics, helpful information for homeowners concerning defensible space, landscaping and construction guidelines, as well as a take-home risk assessment. Feel free to print or use these in your communities however you need to, or call the Firewise team and we can deliver some to you. You do not have to be a recgonized Firewise community to receive these resources.

Mini Brochure

Arkansas FireWise

What can Firewise do for your community?

Arkansas New Community Checklist

Arkansas Renewal Community Checklist

Resources for Active Communities

Approved Mitigation Equipment List

Volunteer Tracking Sheet

Community Renewal Form

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